// Not a lot this week. I uploaded new photos to the Photography 2017 page as well as Behance and DeviantArt. This weeks RVG video is a GAMEplay of TEKKEN 7!

Don’t forget to check out my new album Atavistic_Interstellar_Hobnob available on BandCamp and my Redbubble shop were you can buy a variety of items with designs by me!

Until next time! -RV


// My album will be released on Saturday, November the 11th via BandCamp. I added a new work to 2017 also on Behance, DeviantArtNewgrounds, and more. The design is available at Redbubble as a variety of products!

I updated the Film page with a list and links of all the films/short films I have been involved in creating. I also added my channel trailer and buttons to my two YouTube channels to the YouTube page. This weeks RVG video is Skyrim Photography #8.

Until next time. – RV


// Last Saturday’s RVanceGaming video was supposed to be Clash Of Characters #2: A new beginning, the first of the series to be in WWE 2K18! But due to my Internet connection I was unable to upload it, however I will continue to try. This Saturdays video is Pokemon TCG Opening #2!  I made new flags for my countries De Vaux, Iron Province, and Zebb in my region of Anoir. I updated the RVG page by adding my 3DS friend code, Mii QR code and Miitomo QR code.

I added two new pages one for my YouTube and one for my Films. I added a new design to RedBubble called Just Wing It. It is kind of my philosophy to life and digital creating. My second album, Atavistic_Interstellar_Hobnob, will be released on November 11 on BandCamp!

Until next time! – RV





// I privatized 71 of  my older videos on my main channel. I uploaded a new video on my main channel, Vance Media Productions, called Krita. I also uploaded 3 videos on my gaming channel, RVanceGaming, a UNboxing of WWE 2K18, a GAMEplay of WWE 2K18 featuring AJ Styles and Seth Rollins and a mobile GAMEplay of Life.

Until next time! – RV


// I added 8 designs to my Redbubble shop! I uploaded a video on each of my YouTube channels, Vance Media Productions and RVanceGaming, detailing all of the items my shop launched with. Speaking of my gaming channel, this weeks video is Pokemon TCG opening #1!

I added a Social Media menu so you can go to my social media at anytime. I also added links to various pages to the home page.

I updated photographer James McDonald’s website with a new theme as well as text on the home page and added some of his photographs to his Portfolio page. I also updated Dillon Vance Productions website by adding to his art page. I updated my wifes website as well, adding new pages for her resume and shops. Her Etsy shop: Stuffsewgood and her brand new Redbubble shop: The Drunken Cat! I also did minor updates for her site including the home page, contact and about me.

Until next time – RV


// I updated the video branding for my gaming channel RVanceGaming. This Saturdays video is my new series called Clash of Characters! CoC is a WWE 2K simulation league featuring characters from pop culture!

I opened up a RedBubble shop! It goes without saying I added a link to my shop on the My Links page. You can now buy a variety of items, including t-shirts, phone cases, pillows, mugs, bags, stickers and notebooks with designs made buy me! I am very excited by this announcement. The shop is opening with 9 different designs. I will be adding more in the coming days.

Until next time. – RV