// I made two album covers for DJ Guerrilla Glü. You can find his music on his BandCamp page. I posted them here on the 2017 page as well as DeviantArt, Behance, Google+Tumblr. Added a link to DJ Guerrilla Glü and removed GitHub from My Links page. Changed my Tumblr layout to be more simple and clean.

// My latest album Atavistic_Interstellar_Hobnob, is now complete. I will no be working on creating my cover art and choosing a release date.

// Until next time. – RV


// My newest album Atavistic_Interstellar_Hobnob is close to completion, at the time of writing I only have one track left to finish. It will have ten tracks of various styles. I have finished making the boxes for my web comic, now I will begin working on my style. I uploaded a video on Saturday for my gaming channel, RVanceGaming. It is a GAMEplay of Runescape where I battle scorpions.

// Until next time. – RV

Schedule (8-4-2017)

I have decided to set a schedule for myself. I will post a blog on Friday and release a video on my gaming channel on Saturday. I added RodneyPicasso and VS creations to 2017, Behance, DeviantArt and NewGrounds. I uploaded a video my gaming channel. It is a GAMEplay of WWE 2K17 featuring The Shield, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

It’s Been Awhile (7-26-2017)

// It has been awhile since I last posted a blog. Since then I have lost my main portfolio and my video portfolio. They held a lot of files, including ideas and projects on top of everything I had created, that I am now working to rebuild.

On a more positive note my latest album, Atavistic_Interstellar_Hobnob, is almost done. I will be announcing a release date soon. You can listen to the first single here. I also added a quote to the bottom of the page.

I have updated Cyclone Comics and I am now plaining on doing some sort of web comic. On the Causes page I added pictures, info and a quote. I added a BandCamp link on the page for my first album, Electronic Metropolis Parabola. Links to Google+ and writing.com have been added to My Links page, while Gemr has been removed.

I changed the menu moving Music and Writing to Side Projects, while removing the Resume page. Buttons have been added throughout the website giving it a cleaner feel, also have corresponding colors to the sites they link to. I added a quote to the Side Projects page. A long over due update has been added to the About and Home pages. I updated my profile picture and the actual bio portion of the About page. The Home page has been completely rewritten. In addition to every  thing else I have stylized the website with different spacing and by adding the symbol //.

Until next time. – RV


I have decided to removed the LastHorizon due to inactivity. I updated RVanceGaming by removing my Mii QR code. I also updated my DeviantArt and Behance to be current. I added new work to the 2017 page.

You can view my entire comic book collection:


I uploaded a video to my RVanceGaming channel: a GAMEplay. WWE2K17:Bret Hart VS Shawn Michaels – Iron Man Match!


Only a few updates this week. I shortened my Twitter handle to @vancemediapro and Wattpad username to VanceMediaPro respectively. I updated the page 2017 to include my most current creations. I updated my Twitch account, which I may start using again depending on wifi connection etc. I also uploaded two videos including Walk About Town: Norman which depicts my walk around Norman, Oklahoma as well as a Runescape gameplay.