// I added a page for my wrestling YouTube channel Rodney on Wrestling. I also updated the home page. Dillon Vance released a new skate video called Dillon Vance’s Untitled #2. I added a page for the RVG Championship. This weeks RVanceGaming videos are a GAMEplay of WWE Champions and Skyrim Photography #11. The first three videos of the RVG Championship Tournament are uploaded as well (1,2,3). ROW’s video this week is a gameplay of Fire Pro Wrestling World!

Until next time. – RV


(1-20 -2018)

// I updated Amanda G Vance, Dillon Vance as well as various social media platforms. Such as FacebookTumblr and Twitter. I filmed, edited and released Dillon Vance’s first skate video. You can find it on his website and YouTube channel!

I have decided to postpone the podcast that I mentioned in my last blog possible indefinably. That said I will be putting most of my efforts into my new wrestling channel called Rodney on Wrestling and my main channel!

My wrestling channel will cover top tens, championship history, RAW, Smackdown Live and NXT reviews, my stories about wrestling, championship belt reviews, my wrestling collection, and more!


// I added 8 new designs to my Redbubble shop! I will be launching a new YouTube channel soon. It will be a wrestling channel, one of my great passions. I am not sure exactly when but I want to get every thing ready first. I also plan to start a podcast called Rodney Vance Unscripted where I talk about current events, movies and other things without a script.

This weeks videos are 8ball Pool GAMEplay on RVG and Avery Deign Print and a video with every thing I created in 2017 on the main channel! I will be slowing down on the gaming channel and focusing on the wrestling channel. However I have a backlog of videos that will post until April. I will still be uploading just not as frequent.

My goals this year are to complete a feature length film, read more and do some animation.

Until next time. – RV


// I updated the Photography 2017 page. I also uploaded the new photograph to Behance  and DeviantArt. Last weeks RVanceGaming video was Skyrim Photography #9. This weeks RVG video is HAUL. I have started a schedule for my main YouTube channel. Last weeks video is University of Oklahoma Vine Compilation, a compilation of vines that I took on campus. This weeks is Wish HAUL, a video of what I bought from the app Wish!

This website allows you to send paper letters to your representatives where you can urge them to shut down the repeal of Net Neutrality laws. Representatives tend to be more responsive to paper letters than emails.  https://www.mailmygov.com

Don’t forget to check out my latest album Atavistic_Interstellar_Hobnob!

Until next time. – RV


// Not a lot this week. I uploaded new photos to the Photography 2017 page as well as Behance and DeviantArt. This weeks RVG video is a GAMEplay of TEKKEN 7!

Don’t forget to check out my new album Atavistic_Interstellar_Hobnob available on BandCamp and my Redbubble shop were you can buy a variety of items with designs by me!

Until next time! -RV